“Creativity takes courage.”

— Henri Matisse


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Hello! I am Maryann Cruz, Business Strategist & Coach.  I assist creatives and passionate entrepreneurs gain clarity and momentum in business through the development of thorough strategies, action plans, and accountability.  I am an entrepreneur’s copilot to success.

Here’s where creativity thrives. It’s natural to have followed your passion into a business and to seek even greater success by venturing into new areas of opportunity. In my signature STELLAR Launch, STARR Business Approach, and CREATIVE MasterMind programs you are guided to that success.

Are you preparing to launch a new idea? Do you have a plan? I help entrepreneurs develop Solutions, based on Target Market trends, allowing an Executable, Lean start, that is Logical, with Audience validation, and exploration of Revenue models.
The S.T.A.R.R Business Approach helps creatives and passionate entrepreneurs develop a solid business foundation, through focused one-on-one sessions, resulting in business growth.
CREATIVE was conceptualized to provide passionate entrepreneurs such as yourself with the tools, resources, processes and motivation to get you past the tough moments in a group environment.

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Transformation 2020

How can you use your challenges in life to accelerate your growth?

Life can be hard, but the trials we face can also bring about radical and powerful personal transformation. This compilation of essays from heart-centered businesswomen invites you into that process. First, you will hear their stories of trial and challenge, and then learn how they used those times of trouble to propel them into a place where they could then help others. As you read their stories, you will also be invited to take your own challenges and channel them into creating powerful avenues for healing, community, and change.

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Don’t go at it alone.

Your Tribe Awaits

CREATIVE MasterMind — now accepting applications

You have a dream you’re pursuing, an idea that has sprung from your soul — a calling.  Talent needs tools to build itself into a lucrative livelihood.  Your annual goals have to be guided by structure to be realized.  I conceptualized CREATIVE to provide passionate entrepreneurs as yourself with tools, resources, processes, and motivation to get you past the tough moments.  You don’t have to go it alone.  Is seeing the vast opportunities in your business your challenge?  CREATIVE helps you explore all the possibilities. And that’s only the beginning!

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Next Class Starts:

Gain all the benefits that come from:

  • C – Community support that gives you clarity and the confidence to conquer your challenges
  • R – Realistic solutions that make your venture resilient enough to rise to the highest heights
  • E – Experienced business coaching at your fingertips to help your business to evolve
  • A – Advice for effective action and achievable targets to accomplish each quarterly objective
  • T – True transformation through trusting the process
  • I  – Insightful sessions that will improve processes and can be independently executed
  • V – Vibrant group with vast experience, valuable suggestions, and viable outcomes
  • E – Expansion of your business in a measured way to ensure your continued success
Meet Maryann

Real business solutions

What I Offer You

If you’re an entrepreneur who has more questions than answers in what your next steps are to grow your business, you are in the right place.  I assist entrepreneurs, like YOU, gain clarity and momentum in business through the development of thorough strategies, action plans and accountability.  As your copilot, I am a partner in your entrepreneurial journey to achieving your vision.

Focus Area Courses

Limited Time

While the STELLAR StartUp, STARR Business Approach, and CREATIVE MasterMind are the most popular programs, I also offer focused courses.

What People Say

Mary Carangelo 2020

Mary Carangelo, Fashion Therapist, Independent Cabi Stylist

If you are invited to a mastermind experience with lead strategist Maryann Cruz say YES!!  You have just been offered a HUGE growth opportunity!  I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with a small group of women lead by Maryann Cruz for almost a year now.  She has the ability to support, challenge and teach her clients in a way that helps them see a BIGGER picture of themselves.  I have found her tools of mind mapping, goals setting strategies and productivity tactics to be truly useful in helping me to up level my revenue possibilities.

My favorite activity is the “hot seat” when you can ask for feedback from ALL the mastermind participants and glean their expert advice.  I would highly recommend this process and with Maryann as your guide, you will surely gain a great insight to your dreams of success.  No matter what they may be!

Pam 2020

Pamela Mulhearn, Founder of Her Podium

I had the privilege of being a member of Maryann’s Mastermind.  There are two things that made this mastermind so successful.

Maryann knows business and understands how to help an entrepreneur get from point A to B.  She asks the tough questions to create a shift and the appropriate next steps.

Maryann selected an amazing group of female professionals.  These women are a think tank of brilliance all with the same goal of moving their businesses forward while offering support to the group.

Thank you Maryann for the guidance you have given me on this entrepreneurial journey.  And thank you for the opportunity to participate in your Mastermind.  It has been an invaluable resource.  The meetings are put on the calendar in pen.  They are not to be missed!


Prati 2020

Prati Kaufman, Marketing Energy Coach

Working with Maryann Cruz means 10x the productivity. Her mastermind helped me with every aspect of my business. She made sure as a group we executed the plan too because she knows a plan is only effective when implemented efficiently. I really loved learning how to mind map because that alone can be applied to sort out ideas, gain clarity on next steps and even plan a content calendar. Sitting in the hot seat was my favorite session, by having like minded entrepreneurs dive into my business and challenge me helped me come up with solutions and tactics that I could have never come up on my own. Maryann has your back, always.

Dee DiFatta

Dee DiFatta, Owner & Founder of A Dose of PositiviDee

Thank you for your help with so many things – CANVA, Networking, Vision Boards, WIB Summit, etc. You have helped me grow as a person and grow my business. I am truly grateful and look forward to being a speaker at one of your events some day.

Leslie Gomez

Leslie Gomez, Brand Photographer, LMG Photography

Maryann has helped me take my business to another level.She has provided me with a solid knowledge base in which my business can continue to build upon. She is organized, she has pushed me, encouraged me in areas in which I thought I could not do or where I belonged. I am proud of my results. Book her, you will not be disappointed. The proof is in the Pudding!


Kisha Zullo, President, Events of Joy

Maryann is extremely versatile and highly competent in several areas. She has a solid background in coaching business owners to achieve greater success. She has a technology background that allows her provide advice on the best tools to use to be more efficient in running your business. She delivers results on time or ahead of schedule and is a joy to work with.

Latest News and Events

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