New Year, new intentions...let's make your vision a reality.

“There would be a sky full of stars if we were all meant to wish on the same one.”  – Frances Clark

If you’ve had a vision for your business and/or life which has not come to fruition as you’ve been following someone else’s roadmap AND you’re ready to gain clarity, confidence and momentum in your business while developing your own path then STARR Academy is for YOU.

Don’t wait, enroll today.

Note:  Next cohort starts, February 1st.



If you resonate with any of the following statements, you’re the star this academy is made for:

  • I started my business out of passion, but the passion is diminishing.
  • I’m ready to have a solid business plan, marketing plan, business strategy, or action plan.
  • I welcome the opportunity to confidently share my unique value proposition (UVP).
  • I’d love to connect with my ideal clients.
  • I have only used word-of-mouth marketing, and ready to add more to my marketing strategy.
  • I initially priced my product/service to be competitive and have realized my competitors are charging significantly more than me.
  • My clients tell me I should increase my rates.
  • I’d like to feel confident in pricing my product and/or service.
  • I want to overcome my nervousness when it comes to sales conversations.
  • I am overwhelmed with the number of manual processes and am ready to streamline.
  • I know I have key performance indicators (KPI) in my business, and ready to learn how to utilize them to evaluate how business is doing.
  • I’ve tried all the quick fixes and still struggle with gaining momentum.
  • I am worn out by the entrepreneurial journey (rollercoaster) and want to understand what is around the corner.
  • I am exhausted by chasing the shiny objects and the next big thing.
  • Pricing has, at times, been emotional based and I am ready to make it consistent.
  • I am tired of doing it all alone.
  • I AM ready to have a breakthrough year and scale my business.



Overwhelmed Woman


STARR Academy has been created with feedback from creatives and passionate entrepreneurs who completed my signature coaching framework the STARR Business Approach.  With so many women seeking to create greater impact, ready to share their gifts with the world, and uplevel business while leaving a legacy; I thought it essential to create a program that allows creatives to achieve their goals in a shorter period of time while leveraging the magical power of community.

In 90 days through STARR Academy, you will gain insight on what’s holding you back, specific action steps that will guide you in gaining clarity and momentum in the business and life, group accountability and more!

  • Reignite your passion for your business and life
  • Attract more of your ideal clients into your business
  • Use your creativity to package and price your services so they are a win-win, no more uncomfortable sales calls
  • Develop a marketing funnel that is right for you and your clients, one that allows you to shine and stand apart from your competition
  • Take strategic actions to elevate your business
  • Spend more time doing the tasks that are essential for YOU to manage while automating, delegating, or outsourcing the rest 
  • Build a solid foundation so you may scale with confidence


As a passionate entrepreneur or creative who is ready to thrive in business, you will:

  • Identify what is truly holding you back from success
  • Gain clarity on who your ideal client(s) are
  • Gather insight on who your competitors are and what makes your business unique
  • Understand how trends impact your business
  • Grasp the various marketing channels to engage with your audience
  • Learn to package and price your services/products to maximize profit
  • Develop an annual financial plan and budget AND
  • Explore systems and resources to streamline processes; freeing up your time

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and tired of feeling like a volunteer instead of the BOSS of your business and life; the STARR Academy is for you!

Don’t delay, our community and the future you awaits.

Note:  New Year special ends on Sunday, January 2nd at midnight, and the price will then increase to $997.   

The next cohort will start on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at 9:30 AM.  Each week there will be Q&A through the STARR Community on Tuesdays and live accountability sessions on Tuesdays at 9:30 AM.

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What is STARR?

STARR Academy is Maryann’s  signature coaching framework which successfully guides clients achieve their goals in a shorter period of time while leveraging the magical power of community.  

In 90 days through STARR Academy, we do a deep dive into the following modules.

  • We start off with the S – Success Mindset, in this module you will discover what is truly holding you back from moving forward in business and life, some of your limiting beliefs, the origin of those beliefs, and how to develop rituals for success.
  • In the T module which stands for Target Market and Trends, you will explore what a client segment is, who you truly want to work with based on your service offers and pricing, what your unique value proposition is – which makes you stand out/apart from your competition, and how trends impact your business and clients.
  • Then we move on to A – which is all about driving awareness to your business. In this module, you will gather insight on who your competitors are, what your internal strengths and opportunities are, how your pricing compares to industry leaders, and learn about the various channels to market your business.
  • Once people are aware of your business – the next logical thing we hope for them to do is make a purchase to generate Revenue. This is why there is a Revenue module. In this section, you are able to identify your core revenue streams, determine if there are any limiting beliefs around money, develop your financial goals and plan, explore passive income options, learn how to price your product/service to maximize profit, and develop a budget. And while you may think that is all you need… there’s more.
  • There’s an extra R – which stands for Repetition. Think about all you do on a daily basis. How great would it be to have systems in place to handle those repetitive tasks. In this section, you will learn how to streamline for success, which means identifying what can be systemized, delegated, or outsourced.


What is STARR


Meet Maryann


If you’re an entrepreneur who has more questions than answers in what your next steps are to grow your business, you are in the right place.  I assist entrepreneurs, like YOU, gain clarity and momentum in business through the development of thorough strategies, action plans and accountability.  As your copilot, I am a partner in your entrepreneurial journey to achieving your vision.